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Domaine de Darlan - Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge - 1991

Color: Red
Preservation: To drink immediately or within 5 years
Wine style : Fruity and delicate
Grape varieties: Cabernet-Sauvignon > Merlot
Ground: Gravels and molasses on slopes
Volume: 0.75L
Vintage: 1991

Accord met et vin : Une viande rouge saignante et forte en goût, comme du gibier.


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Wine-grower’s word

 " The year 1991 was exceptionally absorbing. With a rainy spring, arid summer, and tropical October, it would have been easy to harvest a medium-quality grape. But that was not the case. We were able to elaborate and chose the best grapes thanks to technical progress and this cuvee is really a success. "

 Bertrand Guindeuil




Sommelier’s advice

Recipe suggestions: Boiled beef, Hotpot, Caponata, Sweet pepper and virgin olive oil Salad, Chocolate with Espelette pepper.

" Aeration confirms first impressions. Bordeaux traditional blends are perfectly identifiable. Attack in mouth is open, clear and smooth; merlots’ quality is without a hitch: its roundness and juice’s purity. Cabernet structures the wine very softly and increases with a fine bitterness. The wine stays with a fine chillness, and reveals an incredible balance with a very elegant tannins base. The middle of the mouth is mellow and gourmet. The finish is long and delicate. "

Alexandre Corret

Sommelier of the prestigious stared restaurant Le Paloma – Gourmet restaurant in Mougins



Œnologist’s advice


" The plots with which we elaborate Côte de Bordeaux are divided into various lands, which create the strength of Darlan’s Estate. This wine, with a Cabernet-Sauvignon dominant feature, is gourmet and strong, the Merlot harvested in 1991 brings all necessary intensity. "